Mannion Calendar

8th Grade Dinner & Dance

DRESS CODE AT 8TH GRADE DANCE: The 8th grade dance on May 24 is an evening event and students should be comfortable and casual.  The dance is NOT formal nor semi formal - it is comfortable and casual.  Remember, the dance itself is outside in the Quad, so students must wear comfortable shoes.  The administration will allow girls to wear dresses/tops with straps that may not be 3 inches in length, but halter tops will NOT be permitted.  Lengths of skirts or shorts, for both girls and boys, should be appropriate for a school event.  If a skirt or shorts does not meet the 3 inches above the knee requirement, the administration will allow it assuming the shorts/skirt is appropriate for a school event.  The administration, if they determine an outfit is inappropriate, may deny admission to the event until the student is dressed appropriately.   Remember - this is the 8th Grade Dance on Paradise Hills Drive, not a NightClub on Las Vegas Boulevard.